2 Tips for Grabbing Attention with Banners

Whether you are announcing a brand new product or if you are raising awareness for your cause, banners can be an excellent marketing tool to keep your business or brand relevant and in the public eye. They can be placed in various areas, ranging from malls to conference centers and even courtyards, but you’d be wasting your time and money if your banner isn’t attention grabbing.

Creating a banner means you are creating something that you want people to pay attention to. You’ll need to focus on key elements and use these design tips to create an attention grabbing banner for your business.

Easy Reading

People that pass by your banner will likely only take a quick glance and move on, so they won’t be absorbing a lot of the information you put on it. You have a small window of opportunity, so you need to make sure your message can be easily read and is simple, creative, and memorable.

banner stands

Placement can also help people read your banner more easily, so you may consider using banner stands to put your banner more in the eye of the public and make your words easier to see without relying on a wall or existing structure or some sort.

Color Scheme

Getting the colors right on your banner can make a large difference in the results you see from your campaign. Brand recognition increases much more when the colors used on your banner complement one another in a strong way. For example, contrasting colors grab attention and keep it; you can also use colors to highlight important information.

You can create an amazingly effective banner by paying close attention to how easy it is to read as well as the color scheme you use and how they contrast and complement one another.